The problems in venv

 So earlier during pre-gsoc period I had setup my environment in base itself and then just a few weeks back I shifted to python venv as the Hendrics dependencies were clashing with Stingray's. 
After setting up the venv specifically for stingray so that I can test it's functions and API, I went on to explore the different libraries to plot the data we are generating. Holoviz seemed a good option and installation was a breeze but these packages were specifically in conda. As a result I was not able to access the packages from the venv at all, as it had its own conda environment to run from. Now I thought why not make a docker and work in base from there. 

But I came to the conclusion that it's an overkill solution and would be too much of a hassle. Later on,  I went on to make a fresh conda environment for stingray too and currently am in this process.


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