Fifth Week: Dilemma in what to do! Midsems going on

 Haah...this is a tough and hectic week. My midsems are going on and they were fine enough. I could have performed better. I gave 2-3 hour daily to GSOC. Well didn't I say I really want to get into GSOC this time around. 

Old 2014 DELL Inspiron
Old 2014 Dell Inspiron
So yeah, this week I was trying to run DAVE in my laptop. But as it's an old software, nodejs doesn't even exist for my arm machine. So I thought okay let's make a VM and work in that. So I spun up my debian VM that I had setup earlier from my ssd. It was a god's grace I had that ready to go. Otherwise few more days would have just gone in setting up a fresh VM and handling the dependencies. 

But what happened? An arm machine would obviously have an arm virtual os vm's only. I was using a debian for arm. So yeah, it doesn't work in the VM too...

Now I asked my mentor on what to do...he suggested to try on an old machine. I fortunately had an old 2014 Dell inspiron lying around. I was tinkering around with it earlier so fortunately it had an ubuntu installation already. Again saved a couple of

Then currently I am juggling around and fighting the obselete packages and dependencies to make it work just for once so that I could see what really is wrong with DAVE. 

Best of luck to me!!


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