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Submission done: Waiting for results was some effort to make the proposal. Glad I was able to complete in time. I also feel pretty proud of my proposal...haha..nevertheless I asked my mentor that I could still pitch in if I am not selected. Oh, also this is my proposal. I only applied to stingray.

10th Week: The deadline is around the corner.

 Damn, the last couple of days had been hectic. Many a sleepless nights later, I finally am able to make a draft of my proposal. Currently at my second draft. I have sent it to my mentor and other friends and people who have cleared GSOC once. Let's see how it goes. I am constantly reading and trying to make it better.  Taking all feedbacks constructively and changing the things what I rationally feel has the need to change.  I hope all this work over the last 2-3 months turns out to be for the better. I really want to work in this project and learn the intricacies of open source development and the cherry on top is being able to learn a practical skill for astronomy. Who knows after this I am much more interested in X ray astronomy? Who knows I may join Open Astronomy in future?? Okay okay, enough living the piped dreams, there's still more revisions and drafts to make!! I am looking forward to 2nd April, 11:30 P.M., the Dday lol...