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7th, 8th, 9th Week

 Quite a roller coaster ride till now, I went to a trip then fell quite ill and went back to my old habits. Habits of just letting life happen to you and procrastinating on important things and when suddenly the thing is just round the corner, trying to escape from it.  But this time I said enough has been enough, I am tired waiting and procrastination, no matter what happens I have to keep on going, I can't be stuck on the past.  It's been 3 days I have been back on track and writing my proposal. I want to contribute to GSOC and I will. I am not sleeping today, will finish 40 percent of my proposal today itself.  There's so many more things in life coming my way, let's take the challenge one thing at a time. I have to just keep steady.

Start of 6th week: This is a fun one.

 Phew, my midsems just got over. It's been a rollercoaster ride to be honest. Can you believe it, I was studying till very late for my last midsem, thinking last midsem should go with a bang! Well to be fair it indeed did! I slept till 10:20 AM and reacher hall at :40.  My exam starts at 10AM. What more I have to say.. not regretting the past.. I moved on to working ahead on GSOC application thinking of ways I could optimize and what should I choose. Something else caught my attention.  Mastadon! It's an open source twitter like microblogging platform for the decentralised web. I immediately thought our college should have something like this! Then, I went on to tinker with it and deploy it on my rasberry pi and then used github developer pack's benefit to get a domain: and used 200 dollars free credits in Digital Ocean to quickly deploy a ubuntu machine and setup everything. After 3 days of constant battle, I was able to setup it working properly.  There

Fifth Week: Dilemma in what to do! Midsems going on

 Haah...this is a tough and hectic week. My midsems are going on and they were fine enough. I could have performed better. I gave 2-3 hour daily to GSOC. Well didn't I say I really want to get into GSOC this time around.  Old 2014 Dell Inspiron So yeah, this week I was trying to run DAVE in my laptop. But as it's an old software, nodejs doesn't even exist for my arm machine. So I thought okay let's make a VM and work in that. So I spun up my debian VM that I had setup earlier from my ssd. It was a god's grace I had that ready to go. Otherwise few more days would have just gone in setting up a fresh VM and handling the dependencies.  But what happened? An arm machine would obviously have an arm virtual os vm's only. I was using a debian for arm. So yeah, it doesn't work in the VM too... Now I asked my mentor on what to do...he suggested to try on an old machine. I fortunately had an old 2014 Dell inspiron lying around. I was tinkering around with it earlier s