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Midterm evaluation are coming near

 MidTerm evaluations are near the corner, I guess I am moving well with my project. I am hoping to do certain functionality before Monday and present that to my mentor. I still have one week more after that before the MidTerm evaluations. Let's see how it all goes!!

Final layout decided, and a demo

 So, the final layout was decided and I discussed with my mentors about the same. They liked it and suggested some changes.  All these loading tabs should be made into one. And the structure should be more coherent. 

Making the sidebar intuitive

 So over the weeks of coding we transformed from building just a quicklook dashboard to an interactive analysis dashboard. Currently I was making the sidebar intuitive to do all the stuff that we are planning to do from it.

Finally ported from functional approach to class based approach

 I earlier had developed the basic structure of app in terms of functions in separate files and somehow had managed to serve the dashboard through only one panel serve ( panel serve --autoreload). It was a clever use of view to turn on and off when use clicks the button and importing the UI from different functions(that is different .py files). But this was an unmaintainable and unscalable approach. So now I have shifted to a class based approach and have made important classes to do the stuff. 

Doing a summer analytics course to understand stuff better

 So I thought why not up-skill myself, and started doing a summer analytics and machine learning course by IIT Guwahati. It's going good, there's one hackathon going currently and its fun. 

Starting to now finalise the basic structure

 I was working all this time on demos for some functionality or other but I was not sure that's the final design of the dashboard that I want. But I am not kind convinced in how I want to design the structure of the dashboard. Lets see how it goes. Probably by next week I will make my first commit. 

Beeminder does things man

 So to keep on top of my things and not procrastinate them away, I use beeminder to do the stuff.  Think of beeminder as a tool to keep you on your toes. So we can have any tasks on beeminder and it has all kinds of automations to connect with. So it doesn't do anything if you are completing the work, but if you are not doing your work on your scheduled pace then it stings you. So they charge you money from your bank account if you are not doing the work. I almost failed today but was able to complete the stuff in time to not get money deduct from me. But god it works. It's a really good tool to just stop procrastination. Because it costs you money. 

Not having sleep since a few days

 I have not been sleeping well since a few day and have been working all night. I am trying to sleep early today. 

Correcting my schedule

 So I have been working late night nowadays and my schedule and sleep cycle is messed up because of I will sleep at 10pm to correct that.

Have to serve multiple apps with panel

 So I am not able to find out why panel has to serve multiple apps.  Why can't I just serve single app and work from there and open any other python file from there. How would I get a app based architectures!  And I could make my files for particular functionalities.  Also how could I get stateless behaviour from panel is also a challenge. 

Panel is amazing

 So I have been experimenting with panel for a week and its amazing.