Reallocation and the food from Zomato took a toll

 So I had recently shifted to Bangalore and this new pg and everything was quite new for me. I was eating from my PG mess and eating a lot from Zomato. I guess I ate something bad and had quite severe diarrhoea. I consulted a doctor online from practo and how lucky could I be to get a doctor who prescribed me so strong meds that they had side effects on me. Firstly I was dizzy throughout and quite tired. Then instead of loose stools, I stopped having stools altogether. It was a bruh! moment. 

So I had to go to a hospital and get some blood tests done because I went to some online consultation. For anyone reading this. Don't use practo man..

Moving on my weekend was quite unproductive but I am much better today and will do my best to stay healthy from now on.


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