Third week: Setting up the dev environment

 So it's the time to start getting my hands dirty. I started setting up the dev environment for all the three projects. 

First was stingray and I faced some issues. But my mentor at Slack luckily had the same laptop and he knew the quick fixes. Also kudos to stingray and specially @matteobachetti. He was really active in the channel and super helpful. I am always asking him dumb doubts and he always responds politely. 

I was starting to get a hang of things in stingray. As recommended by the people at stingray and a general rule of thumb: It's a good idea to tackle the issues in documentation first and then move on to issues in the main software packages. This way it would not seem as hard as people think. 

And most importantly ask questions from the mentor. It's super important. It's not expected for you to know everything. 

In the third week I was finding issues in the Jupyter notebooks meant for tutorials and got to know how stingray creates those lightcurves and how the calls work. 

I made my first pull requests and it got merged. It was exciting and gratifying. 


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