Fourth Week: Finalising the one project I want to give my all in

 After tinkering primarily with stingray. I also dabbled my hands in sunpy and tardis but I felt that it was a bit out of my dev experience level. I was having trouble getting to know the issues. 

But I was enjoying working in open-source. So I thought whatever happens I want to keep on working on these 3 repos no matter what. I will give whatever little spare time I have. 

I primarily gave my focus to Stingray. One, it was a bit easy to understand, and two, the mentor was super helpful and active. I asked a lot of questions. I was getting the hang of what this project is about. 

I had to make a simple GUI for some basic functionality for stingray. I had quite a bit of web experience so I thought why not. 

Now, stingray already had one GUI made by a previous GSOC contributor called DAVE. It was pretty powerful but being JS based soon became too troublesome to maintain. 

So there are two choices in front of me: 

1) Resurrect DAVE

2) Make a new dashboard with simple functionality that is easier to maintain.

I haven't yet decided on what to do. Let's see...


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